Ted Smith- Guitars, bass, drums, synthesizer, vocals. Words and music by Ted Smith, all rights reserved.


One of these days I'm going to find what I'm really bound for
Any old time is the time that I really need....
I'm one of those guys who wants to know the final outcome.
Call me in the future and I'll tell you what has come to be

Chorus: On and On, On and On.

I met a young man who was looking for a simple answer.
Little did he know what the gift of life is all about.
I'm telling you now that the sparkle in his eyes was precious.
Something in the air made me think that he would be alright.


One of these days I'm going to find that guy and really thank him.
I truly want to know how his life has gone since we were young.
He's one of those guys who, when times are tough, you can always count on.
To give a little comfort that will last as we go on and on.